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TNI Solutions’ Acceleration Suite manages order collection and service activation of complex service bundles for leading communications providers.

In today’s fast-changing and increasingly data-intensive communications services marketplace, collecting order data and activating services is a significant challenge. TNI Solutions’ simple, intuitive Subscriber Acquisition module ensures that every order is complete and accurate every time, through every channel. Our Managed Fulfillment module manages all of your service activation and related activities, ensuring that every order is processed efficiently and reliably. And our Automated Communications module sees that your subscribers stay informed, every step of the way.

You can’t afford to be buried under a mountain of data. Let TNI manage the complexity, while you grow your bundle—and your subscriber base.

A Better Solution for Managing Sales, Activation and More
Our Acceleration Suite:
  • Delivers simple and intuitive self-ordering to your Web site and retailer locations, in just weeks [more]
  • Ensures consistent and reliable subscriber communications, via email, telephone, and direct mail [more]
  • Guarantees that you never lose track of orders during fulfillment [more]
Measurable Benefits


“TNI’s Subscriber Communication server really put our online marketing program into high gear. Now we receive nearly 40% of our total sales volume through our online channel. That has freed up our CSRs for customer service, and eliminated busy signals.”

—Senior Marketing Director [more]
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